Tribal White Wine Glass Bushman Female Stem, 220ml

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Unwind with our handmade wine glass, the perfect gift for your family, friends, and yourself. Get this Tribal Bushman Female stem wine glass that is both stylish and functional. Made from quality glass, it is durable and will last for generations to come. A perfect addition to your kitchenware collection!


  • Size: 6cm x 6cm x 25.5cm
  • Clear recycled glass
  • Handmade and mouth blown
  • Weight:  480g
  • Capacity: 220ml
  • Hand wash only
  • Pewter is a completely lead-free alloy. It's made up of 96% tin and 4% antimony, which gives it a dazzling shine and hardens the alloy. Furthermore, because tin is a valuable metal, each pewter piece has an intrinsic value. As a result, you're paying for both its artistic appeal and its valuable tin content.