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African design, décor, and culture flow in the blood of Wickaboo, bringing the very essence of the most vibrant continent on earth to you. With a dream to let others appreciate the true spirit of Africa, Wickaboo has curated a collection of functional art that brings a special kind of magic to any interior.

African Candles

Fire and light have been at the very heart of African culture and society since the dawn of time. From sunrise to sunset, the continent is dictated by the warmth of the sun and the cool of the moon. Having travelled the length and breadth of Africa in reality and in dreams, Wickaboo discovered the finest quality candles in Africa. The many tribes inside the borders of Africa have been making candles for thousands of years, and Wickaboo is now sharing them with the world.

Bringing Africa to the World

Wickaboo has sourced a sensational collection of top-quality candles made by some of the finest candle makers in the world. From candles shaped like elephants, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus, to pillar candles that capture the spirit of African design, the Wickaboo African candle collection brings the spirit of Africa home to the UK and Europe.

African Candle Gifting

Wickaboo provides an exclusive gifting service for discerning people who appreciate simplicity, class, and uniqueness. Wickaboo Candles come in a variety of sizes in high quality packaging and make the perfect gift for a loved one who is difficult to buy for or a corporate gift for a company that not only wants to give quality gifts but create a special message that only Africa can speak. Each candle is made to exceptional levels of quality and designed to bring a level of joy, contentment, and happiness that few other gifts can attain.

African Candle Interior Design and Décor

Our African candle collection adds a magical touch to any interior design. The candles, which range from classy and elegant pure white candles in the shape of seeds, pods, and reels of thread to majestic full-colour African wildlife, are the perfect signature touch to any space. Smaller pillars, pots, and wildlife candles add an understated touch of African joy to even the most modern setting. Wickaboo has the ideal interior décor and design pieces for hotel lobbies, boardrooms, reception areas, and showrooms.

Behind Wickaboo

The team at Wickaboo are passionate about design and have a heart for Africa. Having all lived, worked and loved Africa, the team appreciates the challenges companies face on the African continent. Those who make crafts and functional art rely primarily on passing trade with limited access to European and UK markets. Wickaboo partners with small African companies to help them gain access to out-of-reach markets, grow their business, and develop their sales, marketing, and manufacturing skills. When you buy candles from Wickaboo, you are also sustaining companies and feeding and educating the families of the people that work in these businesses. Wickaboo has a deep-rooted humanitarian understanding of Africa and a passion to change perceptions of a beautiful nation that is, after all, the cradle of mankind.