Tree Trunk Giraffe Stool - Hand Carved

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A unique and natural looking exotic animal wooden stool that is hand carved in Africa from felled organic trees. The style, shape, and size of each stool are unique to the shape and characteristics of the tree they were made from, which is why each stool is designed to not only look beautiful, but also give your home a natural, organic look that's full of personality. This is a high-quality, sturdy piece of art that will transform your home with its rustic charm. You can use this stool for sitting, as a side table, or as a great conversation piece.


  • Approximate height is 40cm to 42cm
  • Approximate diameter is 28cm to 32cm
  • Approximate width is 26cm to 30cm
  • Approximate weight is 7kgs
  • Made of highly sustainable Jacaranda wood
  • Very durable and sturdy, designed to withstand the test of time
  • Made by hand and with care by Eswatini artisans