Blue Patch Hippo Decorative Candle

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This is a piece of décor that is unusual, quirky, and most importantly, brings a smile to your face. It's designed to be burned, but it's also advised for decorative purposes - and who wouldn't want a creation like this to take centre stage. It's made with high-quality ingredients that are safe for your home and perfect for decorative purposes or ambient lighting.


  • Remarkably bright light with up to 30 hours of burn time
  • The Size: 18cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 11cm(H) size makes them great for home decorating
  • 430g weight
  • The unscented candle is great for those who want a clean scent or have allergies to scents.
  • Made with eco-friendly premium wax and a cotton wick
  • Vegan friendly. No animal ingredients whatsoever
  • Handmade