Africa and her Penguins


When you hear the word “penguin” most of us will shiver and smile as our minds drift to the penguins near the South Pole. The snowy, cold penguins are well known, but did you know that Africa has her own penguins?

African Penguins

You may ask why penguins are part of the Wickaboo African candle collection. Africa is home to its own wonderful penguins, and they are very special birds. From the coast of Namibia and all the way down and around the Atlantic coast of South Africa, penguin colonies can be found. Tourists flock to see the amazing flightless birds in large numbers, especially at the world-famous Boulders Beach, just outside the naval town of Simon’s Town.

Jackass Penguins

The South African penguin, known by some as the black-footed penguin but affectionately called the "Jackass Penguin" by many, lives in vast numbers in Southern Africa. They are called "jackass penguins" because they are surprisingly noising and bray like a donkey or jackass. Full of fun, the colonies are protected and the penguins continue to breed despite growing ecological challenges.

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Diving Hunters

The scientific name for these fun-loving, happy penguins is Spheniscus demersus. Translated from Greek, it means diving wedge, which for animals that dive for up to 2.5 minutes, is a good name. African penguins mate for life and share parenting duties. They live to be about 15 years old.

The Most Famous African Penguins

Attracted by the clear waters that are teaming with fish, the most famous African penguins arrived at Boulders Beach and False Bay in 1983. Over the years, the colony has grown to over 3000 birds. Boulders Beach, especially, provides exceptional shelter from the relentless wind for the penguins that can often be seen "surfing" the waves that same wind creates.

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