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As much a part of Africa as Lion, Rhino, Elephant and Meerkat, Hens and their chicks present the clearest image of the circle of life imaginable. An egg is laid by a caring mother hen, she sits on it patiently waiting for her chick inside to hatch. Weeks pass and the hen sits patiently and before long life breaks through a strong yet fragile shell. It is a familiar sight around the world and something everyone, young of old can relate to.

Hens and their chicks have fascinated and amused mankind forever. These almost flightless birds that can be in any colour are a delight to watch and a farm is not a farm without them. Hens in Africa are respected as providers of income and food, playing an important role in rural African society that can be traced back through countless generations. The colouring and patterns of chickens, the mottled blacks, greys, browns, and whites are the inspiration for many African designs. The Wickaboo range of Pillar and Pot candles is living proof.
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String Pillar Candle, H15cm

A candle is not just a light source, it's also a statement piece that sets the mood for any occasion. Whether you're looking for...
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Wickaboo has curated an adorable collection of handmade hen, chick, and egg candles. Individually each candle is a simple treasure, the hens are unusual, the yellow chicks are cute and the egg candles are an artistic delight. Each candle tells its own story, each hen and chick has a name and each egg is a stunning work of African art. But bring the collection together, a scene of joy and delight is created that shows off the true miracle of life itself. The collection together does not of course answer the age old question of which came first, but truthfully this does not need to be answered.
It is hard to imagine how a humble hen, her eggs and her young can become such a beautiful gift. Any child would bend down to get close, holding each wax creation as if it were real. Any adult would welcome the charm as a kitchen display. But these are candles, created so perfectly and even without a flame they delight. The question you need to ask is whether or not these candles should burn. At Wickaboo we cannot answer this, but we do know that with our hen, chicks and eggs candle collection the gift of light is what you give and that will always remain.