Meerkat Candles


The animal kingdom, especially the African animal kingdom, can teach us so much. One animal that everyone loves is the meerkat. They are cute, furry, and fun-loving creatures that bob up and down in the desert. Everyone loves them, and many people will claim that the meerkat is very much the clown of Africa.

A mob of Meerkats

You might easily want to call a group of meerkats a family, but this is not the correct word. A group of meerkats is called a mob, and in many ways, this is very apt. A mob has a certain feeling and has a pinch of naughty about it, and this is very much what a meerkat appears to be. Meerkats captivate people with their antics and their looking out for one another. In many ways, meerkats teach us all that life is about living and having fun, one for all and all for one, as a certain band of musketeers once cried.


Looking Out For One Another

The truth about meerkats is that they are constantly looking out for each other. Meerkats live together and love together. They are protective, attentive, and very sociable animals. They care about their young and the young respect their elders, and in this there is something very African that flows through the many tribes of the continent. The respect of one meerkat for another is a story many African children will be told around a fire, teaching lessons to the young that will forever be passed on. Meerkats look out for one another in a natural way, and humans can learn so much from this behaviour. One day, maybe the lessons of the meerkats will be fully understood.  

Capturing the happiness

From afar, the voluptuous hippo, ever playful and constantly mindful, is easily misconstrued as a slow and even docile animal, although they are gentle, friendly, and loveable. Slow, obese, and lethargic has been a source of much amusement throughout Africa. The reality is quite different. Hippos are intelligent, swift, and not at all lethargic. Muscle is frequently confused for fat. Because the people of Africa are aware of this, the hippo is revered and treated with the utmost care.


A Meerkat Gift

Meerkats are affectionate animals. Some people have them as pets, but it is their fun, almost cheeky behaviour that captivates us most. Wickaboo has captured the fun of a meerkat in a unique, handmade African candle collection. Part of the wildlife collection, this range of African candles would be incomplete without the little mischief makers of dessert. Carefully moulded to somehow create the feeling that you are being watched, there is no way of hiding from the meerkat candles.  

Make someone’s day with a Meerkat Candle

You don’t need an excuse to give someone the gift of light with a candle. A meerkat candle makes the perfect any day gift just because. The happiness of a meerkat is universal and no words need to be exchanged. A meerkat candle isn’t given, it is felt, and that is what makes gifting with Wickaboo so very special.